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Live validation and lookups using Canada Post's latest postal code database.

Postal code lookup and address validation services.

We offer a variety of services revolving around postal code validation, lookup and verification through a collection of applications ranging from live online web services to bulk validation and verification of your mailing lists. We can also develop a custom solution to fit your needs.

Our Services

Our primary offering is a multi-use Web Service that allows for address lookups and verification. It can be integrated into your existing applications. Our services can be used for highly efficient and lightning fast data entry, or as input validation. We also offer batch clean-up of address databases. more...

Contact Us

Looking for a custom solution or integration into your existing application? Give us a call or send an email and we'll help you out. We look forward to working with you! more...

About Postal Code Services .NET

We are a software services provider in Vancouver, BC.  We are relational database specialists with years of experience in database applications development and data management. Our latest foray, postal code and related address services, enables us to showcase our skills in a fantastic new service.

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Follow the steps on our getting started page to get your application or website using Postal Address Services quickly and easily!


Web Services you can trust!

After extensive in-house development and testing, we are in the process of getting our web services certified by Canada Post through their SERP program.






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